“This is an unusual release. It’s hard to classify. It’s modern sounding, but also classic. It’s tied to pop music, but there are plenty of other elements here, too. It’s meaty and yet accessible. Some of the lyrics are in English while others are in Chinese. The thing is, this album is captivating and beautiful. It’s powerful and one might even say “magical.” It’s an especially effective release that I would recommend highly.”

Music Street Journal (link)

“The quirky, little songs are incredibly catchy from the opener, “Walking On A Winter Night,” to the ballad-esque, “When You Sleep.” It is rare every track on an album is great, but Juliane Jones succeeds without a hitch.”

“It is impossible to feel down when listening to this stuff. By the end of the album, you’ll be craving some Chinese food and find yourself praising Juliane in Chinese with phrases such as: Hao ji le! (Excellent) and Wo hen xi huan Juliane! (I like Juliane very much!). Overall, Juliane is a fantastic singer and a fine addition to any world pop collection”

Inside World Music (link)
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