Chinese Experimental Concert Announcement

February 12, 2015


Join us for the live show with Juliane Jones 洁莲 & Ba Ban Chinese Music Society on March 29, Joe’s Pub in NYC.

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you well! I wanted to let you know the latest news on our projects.

I finally finished the ethnomusicology PhD last year — that’s one of the reasons I haven’t sent too many updates! The project was about contemporary Chinese composition, particularly kunqu (a type of southern Chinese opera). I sketched biographical portraits of the main composers practicing this art in China and analyzed their major works. I’m grateful to all the wonderful teachers and friends who supported me in the dissertation process, and especially to the composers who shared their stories. I look forward to continuing to develop the dissertation into a book and to composing a new work for the Jiangsu Opera troupe in 2015.

Lately I have been composing like crazy — writing new songs and experimenting with new timbres. After releasing The Space Between The Telephone Lines, a collection of indie pop Chinese/English songs, I started experimenting with hybridity in instrumentation and inspiration from Chinese ghost stories, marvel tales, and legends. My latest Chinese experimental songwriting project combines traditional Chinese music (guqin, kunqu, pipa and xiao, and Buddhist chant) with Western popular song structure and beats. I am very lucky to have the chance to collaborate with Ba Ban Chinese Music Society of NYC in recording and performing this new material. It’s a celebration of cross-cultural collaboration and friendship! We are thrilled to share some of our new music with you at our Joe’s Pub concert on March 29th @ 9:00pm. Tickets are now on sale! Please reserve early to get the best seats, and share our announcement with friends!

Here’s the Joe’s Pub concert description & ticket link:

Also, check out some new and old tunes from our Moon Festival concert video.

For my Chinese speaking friends, here’s the latest Sinovision interview (中文) from a couple weeks ago.

Please keep me up to date, so I can also follow your adventures and projects!

Love & Music,

Juliane 洁莲

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